SES AI Releases “SES AI Cares” Inaugural Sustainability Report

June 5, 2024

In its report, the global leader in Li-Metal battery development for EV and UAM discusses how sustainability will be a core commitment of SES AI’s strategy, with a fully integrated approach – from research & development through supply chain and manufacturing

SES AI Corporation “SES AI” (NYSE: SES), a global leader in the development and manufacturing of high-performance Li-Metal batteries, released its inaugural sustainability report “SES AI Cares” outlining the four fundamental sustainability commitments.

SES AI Cares presents a unique approach to sustainability, representing the company’s commitment to fully incorporating sustainable processes and metrics across the entirety of its business, from research and development through supply chain and manufacturing processes worldwide.

“Our commitment to creating a better world means making our strategy and our sustainability efforts a single, deeply integrated whole,” said SES AI CEO Qichao Hu. “Our mission is not only battery making but also driving the global transformation towards sustainable electric transportation on land and in the air.”

SES AI Cares focuses on four fundamental sustainability commitments:

  1. Relentless Innovation: to address intricate R&D requirements, SES AI combines human expertise and the power of AI to achieve continuous breakthroughs in battery development.
    1. Avatar – AI for Safety: SES AI is working towards a goal of a near 100% safety guarantee in the field by building and training deep learning models with cell design data, manufacturing quality data, and vehicle testing data.
    2. Apollo – Human Engineering: SES AI is developing cell design, engineering and manufacturing processes for both internal and customer requirements in EV and UAM.
    3. Prometheus – AI for Science: SES AI is mapping the vast universe of small organic molecules, building and training new AI models, and identifying suitable molecules for next generation Li-Metal electrolyte materials.
    4. Hermes – Human R&D: SES AI is formulating and testing electrolytes based on novel molecules recommended by both human scientists and AI using high-throughput capability.

  2. Traceable and Sustainable Value Chain:

    In 2024, SES AI launched a new research program in collaboration with Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) to pioneer cutting-edge recycling technology tailored specifically for Li-Metal batteries.

    SES AI’s Supplier Code of Conduct incorporates sustainability related considerations into partnerships, contracts, and expectations with vendors of critical materials.

  3. A New Era of Sustainable Mobility:

    SES AI was the first company in the world to enter into Li-Metal A-sample Joint Development Agreements (JDAs) with three major automotive OEMs – Honda, GM, Hyundai.

    SES AI is the world’s first battery company to have two automotive B-sample JDAs in Li-Metal with major automotive manufacturers.

    SES AI is currently converting an A-sample line into a dedicated Li-Metal battery line tailored specifically for UAM applications.

  4. Empowering People:

    SES AI is committed to acting in accordance with best practices in the areas of compensation and benefits, safety in the workplace, labor rights, non-discrimination, diversity and inclusion, and training.

The full SES AI Cares sustainability report can be found here

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